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You’re invited to the Kingdom of Legends by the King and Queen themselves.

Put your best clothes on and get ready to be treated, in the majestic castle of this serendipitous Kingdom.  Looking out of the windows of the royal citadel, with its glorious towers, you can enjoy the view of the luscious forest that surrounds the royal abode.  Right beside it, just a short walk away, you can refresh your body, under the relaxing waterfall which enriches the land with abundant water, off the clear grey rocks which runs deep into the land to feed the magnificent lake at the feet of snow-capped mountains.

Their Majesties could not be any happier living here – their Kingdom is rich in natural beauty and their castle full of chests with golden coins and bags of precious gems.

They are good royals, you’ll see – they’re ever so generous with prizes – every, single symbol in Kingdom of Legends is a scatter.  Yes, you heard right – and that’s not all – all symbols hold a jackpot!


The best feature of this slot is that there are no winning lines.  How is that any good? Well, all you need to do in Kingdom of Legends is land a minimum of 5 matching symbols in any position on your reels and you bag a win!

The crown symbol needs only appear twice on your screen to give you winnings.  Let it appear 3 times and you’re off to 10 free game rounds!

The rest of the symbols pay anytime 5 of them appear on screen, regardless of whether it’s the queen, the treasure chests full of golden coins, the bags jam-packed with precious stones or any of the traditional A, K, Q, J or 10 symbols.

The King is even more benevolent– he starts paying at 4 matching symbols and the full 15 match on maximum bet, hands you 100% of the lavish jackpot!

Kingdom Of Legends-funktionen:


Kingdom of Legends is incredibly rich in Jackpot options – most games will offer you one chance at banking the big juicy prize, and you thought that was fabulous – just wait till you hear what this slot holds in store for you.

All you need to do to hit a jackpot is land 15 matching symbols in one spin.  Not of one specific symbol, but any of the 9 featured animations on the reels except the crown.  That’s 9 chances of hitting the jackpot – not a bad thing at all!

Every symbol represents a different percentage of the total jackpot you see at the top of your slot.  On maximum bet, this is what each symbol will pay you out of the total jackpot:

King – 100%

Queen – 40%

Treasure chest with golden coins – 20%

Bag of precious gems – 20%

A, K – 12%

Q, J, 10 – 10%

The winning possibilities on this game are truly legendary, no wonder it’s called Kingdom of Legends!

 RTP: 94%


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