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Game Description:

The American stars and stripes flags are flying high outside the casino, and as you walk into the relaxing cocktail lounge music of the casino, and sip on your welcome drink, you look around and feel suddenly magnetized towards the American Roulette table.

Game Start:

There’s various ways you can bet on a Roulette Table – here’s how:

Straight/single is when you bet fully on a single number.  Simply place your chip inside the square of your number.  If the ball ends its course on it, you get paid out 35:1.

Split is when you place your chip on the edge in between 2 adjacent numbers, either horizontally or vertically.  If the outcome is one of your 2 chosen numbers, you’ll get paid out at 17:1.

Street, also known as 3-line is when you place a bet on 3 numbers running horizontally next to each other.  Just place your chip at the far edge of either the number at the beginning or the one at the end of the ‘street’.  A win here will pay out at 11:1.

Corner or Square is when you place your chip on the common corner of 4 numbers that make up a square.  This will pay out at 8:1.

Double street or 6-line is when you bet on 2 horizontal lines.  Place your chip on the outer corner that connects the 2 lines on either side.  If the roulette spins onto your number, you get a 5:1 payout.

Trio is when you place your chip on the corner shared by 3 numbers that involve at least one zero: 0-1-2 (either layout); 0-2-3 (single-zero only); 0-00-2 or 00-2-3 (double-zero only).

A top-line bet pays out at 6:1 and to bet on it you need to place your chip on the outer corner shared by 0-1 or 00-3.

To bet in a Column you need to put your chip on the 2-1 square at the bottom of one of the 3 columns on the table and it pays, as the square itself says at 2:1.

Dozen bets have their own boxes, 1-12, 2nd 12, 3rd 12, representing each dozen of the full 36 table.  A win here pays out at 2:1 as well.

Bets on Red/Black, Odd/Even or 1-18/19-36 all pay out at 1:1.

Playing without being registered:

You can play NetEnt’s American Roulette just for fun with the €5,000 play money balance available to you as soon as you enter the game.  However remember that the wins earned in this fun mode will not be converted into real money.  If you place a deposit however and play for real money, you can withdraw your wins and use the money anyway you want!


NetEnt’s American Roulette gives you the possibility to place bets also on a Racetrack – on the main setting it picks 5 numbers randomly spread on the table but that you’ll find following each other on the racetrack.  Playing this way you use up 5 chips, but get paid out at 36:1 if you land the winning number.

Changing the settings, you can decide to use the racetrack with a different number of neighbours, from 1 to 8 but it works out in the same way.  Depending on the amount of consecutive numbers you bet on, as many chips are wagered but the win comes out to a single number payout.

 RTP: 94.74%


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